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Hello UAE Students and Parents,

If you’re aiming for a world-class MBBS education, we’re here to help! Imagine your path to success splitting into two options:

The RIGHT way is relying on Medientry. We get your dreams of studying MBBS abroad. Trust us for clear info, expert advice on the best medical university, easy admission and visa processes, and affordable fees. We’ll make sure you join a med school that suits your preferences for learning, facilities, location, culture, and cost. We’ll be with you at every step.

But, watch out for the WRONG way. Some advisors might lead you wrong, and you could end up in a med school that’s not right for you.

At Medientry, we know what UAE students and parents want. Your success is our priority, and we’ll help you build a successful medical career abroad.

Discover endless possibilities with Medientry!

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    Fee Structure of Top Medical Universities in Georgia

    Discover the affordable and budget-friendly tuition fees and living costs for UAE students in Georgia

    Alte University


    Tution Fees USD($) (AEDد.إ)
    1st Yr Tution Fee 6400 23508
    2nd-6th Year (5500X5) (20202X5)

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 1,24,517

    David Tvildiani Medical University


    Tution Fees USD($) (AEDد.إ)
    1st Year 8500 31221
    2nd-6th Year (7000X5) (25712X5)

    6 Yr Fees

    43,500 1,59,778

    University of Georgia


    Tution Fees USD($) (AEDد.إ)
    1st Yr Tution Fee 6400 23508
    2nd-6th Year (5500X5) (20202X5)

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 1,24,517

    East European University


    Tution Fees USD($) (AEDد.إ)
    1st Yr Tution Fee 6400 23508
    2nd-6th Year (5500X5) (20202X5)

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 1,24,517

    Ilia State University


    Tution Fees USD($) (AEDد.إ)
    1st Year 7200 26446
    2nd-6th Year (5900X5) (21671X5)

    6 Yr Fees

    36,700 1,34,801

    *NOTE: 1 USD= 3.67 AED(Approx.) Actual rate at the time of Fee payment will be calculated.

    *** For hostel per month $300 on average

    Below are the mentioned charges for the 1st year of each University

    1) Admission & Invitation Letter

    2) Ministry Permission

    3) Temporary Residential Permit(TRC)

    4) Administration Charges


    Important Points to Think About Before Joining

    When students from the UAE (future doctors) think about studying MBBS in another country, they might have a few important questions:

    • Is it a good idea to study MBBS abroad?
    • Which country is the best choice for their MBBS studies?
    • After deciding on a country, which medical university suits them the most?
    • What are the steps for getting a visa and what documents are needed for the application?

    We think the following things are really important when you’re deciding to study MBBS in another country:

    • How much does it cost to study MBBS in each country?
    • How good is the education quality compared to the cost?
    • Is the university recognized by Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and WHO; is it well-known?
    • What about places to live and food to eat?
    • What kinds of jobs can you get after finishing MBBS abroad?
    • What language is MBBS taught in?
    • What’s the weather like there?
    • Is there any chance to get a scholarship?
    • How hard will it be to get used to the new culture?

    It’s smart to find a place to study MBBS that has a good education and doesn’t cost too much. In that case, we suggest studying MBBS in Georgia.


    MBBS Eligibility Criteria in Georgia for UAE Students

    • Students applying for MBBS admission should have successfully completed their 12th-grade education from a recognized educational board in the UAE.
    • Students must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects in their 12th-grade curriculum. A minimum score of 50% in the Science stream is required.
    • The NEET exam is a requirement set by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) in the UAE to ensure that students are eligible for studying medicine abroad.
    • As per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health in the UAE, candidates must have cleared the required medical entrance exams, if applicable.
    • No mandatory entrance exams, such as IELTS, are required for admission to the MBBS program in Georgia.

    Medium of teaching in Georgia

    • In Georgia, the MBBS program is conducted in English, making it an excellent option for UAE students to pursue their medical studies in Europe.
    • The credibility and reputation of the top medical colleges in Georgia are endorsed by approvals from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the World Health Organization.
    • With English as the language of instruction, UAE students and teachers from all corners of the world can communicate effortlessly.
    • Opting to study MBBS in Georgia provides UAE students with a chance to enjoy a diverse and enriching educational journey while having the comfort of learning in English.
    • Join the ranks of numerous UAE students who have realized their ambitions of becoming skilled medical professionals in an environment that respects your heritage and values.
    • Make Georgia the gateway to your triumphant medical career in a language familiar to you – English.

    Lifestyle in Georgia

    Embarking on your educational journey in Georgia offers UAE students a fascinating cultural experience, whether pursuing MBBS or other courses like MD. Embracing openness and adaptability is key as you’ll be part of a diverse community of students aspiring to study in European countries.

    Georgia’s charm lies in its breathtaking landscapes, offering pleasant weather throughout the year and affordable living. UAE students will appreciate Georgia’s warm embrace of all religions, and you’ll find a familiar taste of home, and of course, halal foods, with readily available Emirati cuisine and close-knit sub-communities.

    To make the most of your experience, consider these tips:

    • Stay culturally aware and appreciate the differences in Georgia’s lifestyle compared to your home country.
    • Be flexible in your interactions and embrace the diversity of students around you.
    • Engage with the local culture, try indigenous food, and learn a few phrases in the Georgian language.
    • Embrace challenges with a positive attitude, knowing they contribute to your personal growth.
    • Celebrate diversity by participating in events and activities showcasing various traditions.
    • Seek support from university resources or fellow students if needed.
    • Make the most of your time, creating lifelong memories through exciting experiences.

    Get to Learn More About Georgia

    Georgia, a European nation, has swiftly gained global recognition for its impressive economic growth, top-notch education system, favorable weather, warm hospitality, and more.

    Georgia’s stunning landscapes, from lush mountains to calm coastlines, create a breathtaking natural scene. The nation’s deep cultural heritage and welcoming atmosphere make it an alluring choice for students seeking an exceptional educational journey. The capital city, Tbilisi, exemplifies Georgia’s inherent beauty.

    Situated at the eastern end of the Black Sea and the southern region of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Georgia commands a powerful position.

    With its ancient history, Georgia boasts distinctive geographical attributes. It shares borders with Russia to the north and northeast, while Azerbaijan occupies the east and southeast.

    The western coast is caressed by the Black Sea, and the southern region is bordered by Armenia and Turkey. This diverse landscape reflects its historical significance and contributes to its well-rounded geographical makeup.


    Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

    • Universities are recognized by MOHAP, WHO and other international bodies.
    • Students don’t have to take any entrance examinations.
    • No need to pay any donation or bribery; the universities take students directly.
    • A safe and healthy studying atmosphere.
    • Safe living and studying away from their home.
    • For non-Georgian language-speaking UAE students, language is not a barrier as English is the medium of instruction.
    • The students will get a globally recognized degree.
    • Georgian hospitals have outstanding infrastructure and technology.

    Consider the Following Things While Choosing University

    • Go for the reputed universities.
    • Patient inflow for clinical practice.
    • Calculate required fees and living costs.
    • Consider weather differences and scholarship issues.
    • Learn about the visa procedures and required documents.


    Have a glance at the feedback from our proud future doctors and their parents


    “Studying MBBS in Georgia has been an incredible journey for me as a UAE student. Medientry made the whole process smooth and stress-free. They guided me in selecting a top-notch university, and the faculty’s expertise is beyond impressive. I am deeply grateful to Medientry for helping me achieve this remarkable milestone!”

    Ahmed Al-Mansoori,
    MBBS Student

    “Medientry’s dedication and knowledge are exceptional. They guided our daughter, Fatima, to the perfect medical university in Georgia. Handling all the paperwork, they made the entire process hassle-free. Our daughter is excelling in her studies and embracing the diverse cultural experience. Thank you, Medientry, for being an invaluable support!

    Mr. and Mrs. Khan,
    Parents of Fatima Khan


    “Becoming a “Doctor” today is a testament to Medientry’s pivotal role in shaping my future. Their sincere dedication to my success and unwavering belief in my potential have been fundamental to my achievements.””

    Dr. Mohammed Ali,
    MBBS (Georgia)



    Learn more about frequently asked questions

    A : To obtain a visa for studying MBBS in Georgia as a UAE student, you typically need the following documents:

    Acceptance Letter: A copy of the acceptance letter from the Georgian medical university where you have been admitted.

    Passport: A valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity from your intended date of entry into Georgia.

    Visa Application Form: A completed and signed visa application form.

    Passport-sized Photos: Recent passport-sized photos as per the specifications.

    Educational Documents: Copies of your academic certificates and transcripts, including your high school diploma.

    Proof of Funds: Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and living expenses during your stay in Georgia.

    Medical Examination: A health certificate or medical examination report confirming your good health.

    Travel Insurance: Proof of travel insurance that covers your entire period of stay in Georgia.

    Criminal Record Certificate: A certificate attesting to your lack of criminal record in the UAE.

    Statement of Purpose: A well-written statement outlining your intentions to study MBBS in Georgia and your future career goals.

    Accommodation Details: Information about your accommodation arrangements in Georgia.

    Flight Itinerary: A copy of your flight itinerary showing your planned entry and exit dates from Georgia.

    Visa Fee: Payment of the applicable visa fee.

    Please note that visa requirements may vary, and it’s crucial to check with the Georgian embassy or consulate in the UAE for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

    A: For a smooth and hassle-free admission process to secure an MBBS seat in Georgia, follow this step-by-step plan:

    Step 1: Begin by filling out the online application form, making sure to have all the required documents ready (details in the next section).

    Step 2: Once the university receives your application form, they will issue an offer letter. You can then deposit the necessary fees into the university’s designated bank account.

    Step 3: After about 30 days, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia accredits you with an accreditation letter. Subsequently, the university receives official ministry authorization to issue an invitation letter to you.

    Step 4: Following the above steps, the visa approval process takes approximately 30 days.

    Step 5: Once your fees are verified and validated, you can proceed with the departure process.

    This systematic approach ensures that aspiring students can smoothly navigate the admission process for MBBS studies in Georgia.

    A: A standard duration followed by all in the Georgian medical education system applied to all universities to study MBBS in Georgia for UAE Students.

    It is panned out across 6 years with a year of internship to pursue an education of medical in Georgia.

    A: If one wants to study MBBS in Europe for UAE students, Georgia is the safest option.

    • Global Peace Index derives Georgia in the 85th position.
    • Numerous police officers are constantly monitoring the streets and lanes, especially at night.
    • The majority of locals always show politeness and joy when they interact with visitors.

    Nevertheless, you should use some caution, including:

    • – Insane driving is common in Tbilisi, and it might make you feel really terrified. So take care.
    • – Avoid visiting the uncontested regions in the north, South Osetia and Abkhazia. – Even if things are quiet right now, it is best to avoid the area because of a regional conflict.
    • – Avoid wandering the mountains alone without appropriate equipment as there are stray dogs and dangerous creatures that might attack you or cause you to tumble off a cliff.

    After successfully completing your MBBS journey in Georgia, UAE students have an array of exciting career avenues to explore. Here’s a roadmap to kickstart your professional journey:

    Specialize Through Postgraduate Studies: Many graduates opt for specialization by pursuing postgraduate degrees like MD, MS, or other specialty programs. Specialization can elevate your expertise and unlock advanced medical career pathways.

    Return to UAE: Bring your globally recognized MBBS degree back to the UAE. You can then apply for licensure exams and establish your medical practice within the country.

    Explore Opportunities in Georgia: Consider employment opportunities in Georgian healthcare institutions. Working in local hospitals or medical facilities can offer valuable experience and a strong foundation for your career.

    Prepare for International Medical Licensing Exams: If your ambition extends to countries like the USA, UK, or Canada, prepare for their respective medical licensing exams like the USMLE, PLAB, or MCCQE.

    Venture into Research and Academia: Explore careers in medical research or academia. Opportunities to work in research institutes or universities can contribute to medical progress and knowledge.

    Engage in Humanitarian Work: Contribute to humanity by joining NGOs or participating in medical missions, delivering healthcare to underserved communities.

    Explore Medical Tourism: Embrace the growing medical tourism sector. Collaborate with healthcare facilitators and provide services to international patients seeking treatment in Georgia.

    Dabble in Alternative Medicine: If you have an affinity for alternative medicine, consider studying and practicing complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine.

    Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: Dive into healthcare entrepreneurship by establishing your own private clinic or medical service, catering to specific medical needs or innovative solutions.

    Stay Informed and Network: Stay updated on the latest medical advancements, attend conferences, and connect with professionals in your field to remain at the forefront of your career.

    Your MBBS from Georgia has opened doors to boundless opportunities. Evaluate your interests and goals, and make strategic choices that resonate with your long-term aspirations. Your determination and passion, coupled with your Georgia-acquired skills, can elevate your medical career to new heights.

    A: Students studying MBBS in Georgia have a wide range of job options.

    • For graduate students studying medicine or MBBS, hospital management is one of the top employment options.
    • After passing the MOHAP, you also have the option of opening your own clinic.
    • PG programs in prestigious nations like Germany, the USA, etc.