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Attention, ambitious students and caring parents seeking a world-class MBBS education

Picture this: your pathway to success branches into two distinct roads —

The RIGHT way means relying on Medientry Bangladesh — your trusted support. We understand your dreams and concerns about studying MBBS abroad. Count on us for honest information, expert help in choosing the best medical university, smooth admission and visa processes, and, importantly, finding affordable fees. We’ll ensure you join a medical university that matches your preferences for academics, facilities, location, culture, and cost-effectiveness. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

But beware! Caution lies along the WRONG way — where deceitful consultants may lead you astray. An unfortunate choice could lead to admission in a medical university unsuitable for your unique needs with misleading consultants who may lead you astray and put you in the wrong university.

At Medientry, we understand the dreams and aspirations of Bangladeshi students and parents; we prioritize Bangladeshi students, and we’ll help you build a successful medical career abroad.

Discover the possibilities that await with Medientry!

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    Fee Structure of Top Medical Universities in Georgia

    Both tuition fee and living cost is cheap and affordable for Bangladeshi students in Georgia

    Alte University


    Tution Fees USD($) BDT()
    1st Year 6400 6.91 Lac
    2nd-6th Year (5500 x 5) (5.94 x 5) Lac

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 36.61 Lac

    David Tvildiani Medical University


    Tution Fees USD($) BDT()
    1st Year 8500 9.18 Lac
    2nd-6th Year (7000X5) (7.56 x 5) Lac

    6 Yr Fees

    43,500 46.98 Lac

    University of Georgia


    Tution Fees USD($) BDT()
    1st Year 6400 6.91 Lac
    2nd-6th Year (5500 x 5) (5.94 x 5) Lac

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 36.61 Lac

    East European University


    Tution Fees USD($) BDT()
    1st Year 6400 6.91 Lac
    2nd-6th Year (5500 x 5) (5.94 x 5) Lac

    6 Yr Fees

    33,900 36.61 Lac

    Ilia State University


    Tution Fees USD($) BDT()
    1st Yearr 7200 7.77 Lac
    2nd-6th Year (5900 x 5) (6.37 x 5) Lac

    6 Yr Fees

    36,700 39.63 Lac

    *NOTE: 1 USD= BDT:108/-(Approx.), the actual rate at the time of Fee payment will be calculated

    *** For hostel per month, $300 on average

    Below are the mentioned charges for the 1st year of each University

    1) Admission & Invitation Letter

    2) Ministry Permission

    3) Temporary Residential Permit(TRC)

    4) Administration Charges


    Things You Need to Know

    Whenever Bangladeshi students (future doctors) think about studying MBBS abroad, a few very important questions that may come to their minds are:

    • Is it a good option to study MBBS abroad?
    • Which country should they choose to pursue their MBBS?
    • Once the country is selected, which medical university best fits them?
    • What are the visa procedures and documents required for the application?

    We believe the following things are the most critical factors to keep in mind when deciding to study MBBS abroad.

    • What is the cost of studying MBBS in every desired country?
    • What are the competitive scores of each country with cost and quality of education?
    • Is the university BMDC & WHO approved and reputed?
    • What about the accommodation & food?
    • What are the career opportunities after completing MBBS abroad?
    • What is the language/medium of MBBS instruction?
    • How are climate and weather conditions?
    • Is there any scholarship available or not?
    • How difficult will the cultural adjustment be?

    It would be best to study MBBS abroad at an affordable fee with a high-standard education system. In that case, our recommendation is to study MBBS in Georgia

    **Bangladeshi students do not need to give any MBBS admission exam


    Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Georgia for Bangladeshi Students

    • The students applying for the MBBS admission should have completed their Class 10 or SSC/ ‘O Level and Class 12 or HSC/ ‘A Level course.
    • The students should have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th class examination. He/she should have scored at least: 50% in the Science stream.
    • No entrance exam or IELTS is mandatory for the study MBBS course admission.

    Medium of teaching in Georgia

    Georgia yet again stands conducive to studying MBBS in Europe for Bangladeshi students due to the universal medium they have chosen. MBBS in Georgia is taught by esteemed faculties spread across a duration of 6 years.

    • Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and the World Health Organization approved the best medical colleges in Georgia. Therefore, all MBBS courses in Georgia must follow English as a medium of instruction.
    • This facilitates effortless give and take between international students and faculties from all around the world. The common barrier in communication to study MBBS abroad is solved with this.

    Lifestyle in Georgia

    Each country has its own culture, and adapting to it is an adventure. As a student, one must be open-minded not just in the classroom but also in the playground, so to speak.

    • Georgia, in and of itself, is a gorgeous slice of heaven
    • Lovely weather year-round
    • Affordable living
    • Bangladeshis will love the Georgia experience as it welcomes all religions
    • Bangladeshi foods are very easily available, including Halal foods.

    Get to Learn More About Georgia

    Georgia is a European nation, and it has achieved worldwide recognition in a very short span of time due to its economic growth, high-quality education system, weather conditions, hospitality, and more.

    Georgia’s captivating landscapes, from lush mountains to serene coastlines, paint a stunning portrait of natural beauty. It’s rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality make it an inviting destination for students seeking an extraordinary educational experience. The capital city, Tbilisi, stands as a testament to the beauty of Georgia itself.

    Georgia is a powerful nation situated at the east end of the Black Sea and the south region of the Greater Caucasus Mountains – its main crest.

    As an ancient country, Georgia is embraced by distinct geographical features. It shares its borders with Russia on the north and northeast, while Azerbaijan graces its east and southeast. The Black Sea hugs its western coastline, while Armenia and Turkey bound the southern region. This rich tapestry of surroundings reflects its historical significance and contributes to its well-balanced geographical distribution.


    Key Reasons for Pursuing MBBS in Georgia

    • Universities are recognized by WHO, BMDC and other international bodies.
    • Students don’t have to give any entrance examinations.
    • No need to pay any donation or bribery; the universities take students directly.
    • A safe and healthy studying atmosphere is provided to the students.
    • Safe living and studying away from their home.
    • No language barrier for Bangladeshi students as English is the instruction medium.
    • The students will get a globally recognized degree.
    • Georgian hospitals have outstanding infrastructure and technology

    Consider the Following Things While Choosing University

    • Go for the reputed universities.
    • Patient the inflow for clinical practice.
    • Calculate the required fees and living costs.
    • Consider weather differences and scholarship issues.
    • Learn about the visa procedures and required documents.


    Have a glance at the feedback from our proud future doctors and their parents


    “My son is now excelling in his studies, and we are immensely grateful to Medientry for making this dream come true. I wholeheartedly recommend Medientry to all Bangladeshi parents and students seeking a bright future abroad.”

    Md. Anwar Hossain,
    Parent of an MBBS Student in Georgia


    “Medientry truly lived up to their reputation as the go-to choice for Bangladeshi students like me. They made my dream of studying MBBS in Georgia a reality by providing personalized guidance and taking care of all the necessary arrangements. I felt reassured by their professionalism and commitment to our success.”

    Arif Rahman,
    MBBS Student in Georgia

    mbbs in bangladesh medientrybd

    “Today, as a proud doctor with a bright future ahead, I owe my success to Medientry. They didn’t just help me attain my degree; they shaped me into a confident and capable professional ready to serve my community. Medientry truly understands the aspirations of Bangladeshi students and goes above and beyond to ensure our dreams are realized.”

    Dr. Farida Popy,
    MBBS (Georgia)



    Learn more about frequently asked questions

    You can apply to study MBBS in Georgia through Medientrybd is a leading medical education consultancy that can help you with the entire application process, from choosing a university to submitting your application. Make sure you meet the eligibility

    After completing MBBS from Georgia, Bangladeshi students open up a world of exciting career opportunities. Here’s what you can do to kickstart your professional journey:

    1. Pursue Postgraduate Studies: Many graduates specialize in a specific medical field by pursuing postgraduate studies like MD, MS, or other specialty programs. Specializing can enhance your expertise and open doors to advanced medical careers.
    1. Return to Bangladesh: Return to your home country with your internationally recognized MBBS degree. You can then apply for licensure exams and start your medical practice in Bangladesh.
    2. Work in Georgia: Explore job opportunities in Georgia. Many graduates opt to work in Georgian hospitals or healthcare institutions, gaining valuable experience while building a strong foundation for their careers.
    3. Prepare for Foreign Medical Licensing Exams: If you aspire to practice medicine in other countries like the USA, UK, or Canada, prepare for their respective medical licensing exams, such as the USMLE, PLAB, or MCCQE.
    4. Research and Academia: Consider a career in research or academia. Pursue opportunities to work in medical research institutes or universities, contributing to medical advancements and knowledge.
    5. Join NGOs and Medical Missions: Engage in humanitarian work by joining non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or participating in medical missions, providing healthcare to underserved communities.
    6. Pursue Medical Tourism: Tap into the growing medical tourism industry. Establish connections with healthcare facilitators and offer your services to international patients seeking medical treatment in Georgia.
    7. Explore Alternative Medicine: If you have an interest in alternative medicine, consider studying and practicing complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine.
    8. Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: Venture into healthcare entrepreneurship by starting your private clinic or medical service, catering to specific medical needs or innovative healthcare solutions.
    9. Stay Updated and Network: Keep abreast of the latest medical advancements, attend conferences, and network with professionals in your field to stay ahead in your career.

    The world is your oyster after completing MBBS from Georgia. Take the time to evaluate your interests and aspirations, and make a strategic decision that aligns with your long-term goals. Remember, your MBBS from Georgia has opened the doors to endless possibilities, and with determination and passion, your medical career can soar to new heights.

    Yes, it is possible to get job opportunities in Georgia and other European countries after completing MBBS from Georgia. However, there are certain factors and considerations to keep in mind:

    Work Opportunities in Georgia: As a graduate of a Georgian medical university, you may have the option to work in Georgia itself. You can explore opportunities in hospitals, clinics, or medical institutions. Proficiency in the Georgian language may be beneficial for some positions, although there might be opportunities for English-speaking medical professionals as well.

    Residency Programs: To practice medicine in Georgia or other European countries, you may need to complete a residency program or an equivalent training program. Each country has its specific requirements for medical licensure, and fulfilling these requirements is essential to work as a licensed medical professional.

    Language Proficiency: For job opportunities in European countries, language proficiency is crucial. While English may be sufficient for certain roles, knowing the local language of the country you wish to work in is highly advantageous for effective communication with patients and colleagues.

    Recognition of Degree: Before seeking employment in other European countries, it’s essential to ensure that your MBBS degree from Georgia is recognized and accredited by the respective country’s medical regulatory authorities.

    Medical Licensing Exams: Depending on the country, you may be required to pass medical licensing exams, such as the PLAB in the UK or the USMLE in the USA, to practice as a doctor.

    Networking and Contacts: Building a strong professional network and connections in the medical field can significantly enhance your chances of finding job opportunities abroad.

    Specialization: Pursuing postgraduate studies and specializing in a specific medical field may increase your employability and make you a more attractive candidate for job positions.